How To Add 5 To 10 Leads A Day To Your MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity, Starting Now!

The biggest problem faced by most MLM/network marketers today is finding enough people – or prospects – to talk to about their network marketing company, its products and its business opportunity.

Let’s face it, they’re enthusiastic, they’re keen, they believe that their opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread, and they can’t understand why everyone in the world wouldn’t want to sign up once they’ve seen the presentation.

They’ve told all their family and friends, worked their warm market, spent hours on the phone, hung around the local shopping mall, put leaflets under car windscreen wipers – you name it, they’ve done it!

But all to no avail! OK – they’ve sponsored 5 people in the last 12 months, mainly because they are friends, and they only joined out of pity. Since joining, they’ve done nothing – for one of two reasons. 1. They’re just not interested! 2. They don’t know what to do next!

Sound familiar? If that’s you, then this is for you.

Finding prospects – or leads – for your MLM/network marketing opportunity has changed dramatically over the last few years. The old methods of prospecting no longer work – if indeed they ever did! We all know what happens when we’ve accosted our friends or family just once too often with the latest, greatest opportunity! They cross the street when they see us coming; don’t answer the phone when our number comes up; hide under the bed when we knock on their door, and so on! Not nice!

So how do you go about finding people who really are interested in your MLM/network marketing opportunity? What type of people are they? Where do you find them? And when you have found them, what do you say to them? What’s the formula for success?

Let’s get down to it.

The internet has changed the way that network marketing is done. We now have the ability to make contact with people from all over the world, and of course, there are literally hundreds, thousands of people out there around the globe who are interested in network marketing. Those people are your target audience – or market, so to speak.

So how do you reach them? How do you make contact with them? What do you tell them?

Let me tell you what not to do! You do NOT tell them about your MLM/network marketing opportunity! Why not? Because they’re not remotely interested in YOUR opportunity! The chances are extremely high that they are already in an MLM/network marketing company. However it is true that most network marketers keep their options open – about 97% of them! Hence, they will listen to what you have to say – so long as you’re telling them what they want to hear!

Why are they open to hearing what you have to say? Because they’re looking for answers! Answers to their problems! They want solutions! They want education! Do you think that they just might have the same problems as you?

Where to find more prospects? How to generate more leads? How to sponsor more people?

You can easily add 5 to 10 leads to your MLM/network marketing opportunity if you spend time showing them how to easily add 5 to 10 leads a day to THEIR MLM/network marketing opportunity.

Initially you should not mention your opportunity. Instead teach your prospects a method that will show them exactly where to find their target audience, and what to say to them.

Once you’ve learned to do this, simply pass it on to other network marketers, and you will find that you are indeed easily generating 5 to 10 leads a day. In fact, you will surpass that number in a very short amount of time.

Network marketers ARE looking for exactly this type of information. If you don’t teach them, then someone else will. In showing them how to build their prospects list in a friendly and relaxed manner, you will be building trust. You’ll be able to pass on free information which will be of great value, and you’ll be able to show them reasonably priced resources which will absolutely improve their chances of finally finding success in their MLM/network marketing opportunity.

So where do you find out more about how to do this? You can do that by clicking here for more information. This very same information totally transformed my network marketing business. I was about to give up, but decided to give it one last shot. I decided to try doing things differently, seeing as what I had been doing simply wasn’t working! After doing some research, including using the search engines, I found and learned the methods that I’d like to share with you.

Online Multi Level Marketing Opportunities for Home Based Business

Online multi level marketing opportunities can be found in large numbers today for those who are interested in starting a home based business. MLM is considered to be one of the best ways to work from home since you will be able to build teams of successful and like-minded people in order to earn revenues. The industry has been around for decades and offers endless opportunities to those who are willing to work hard and consistently.

What is an MLM business?

In order to join an MLM business you will first have to understand what online multi level marketing opportunities really are. Basically MLM business run on a business model where you will have to sign up as an agent or a distributor of a company and recruit friends, family or other people in your team of distributor. You will be earning commissions on the products that you sell as well as on the sales that are made by your team. Starting a home based MLM business is not really difficult but you will definitely require some time in order to start earning considerable revenues from the business. If you have no experience, then you will require even more time to learn about how the industry works.

Finding the Right Opportunity for You

Since there are hundreds of online multi level marketing opportunities available, it will be very important for you to find the one that is right for you. You will first have to get acquainted with how the industry works and then research a little online to find out about companies that offer these opportunities. You will require some time to find an opportunity that is right for you. The company that you select must be in the business for a considerable amount of time, should offer you support and training and must offer a good compensation plan so that you can gain the maximum benefits from it.

You should also select a company that offers products or services that you are interested in selling. You will only be able to market the products successfully if you have some knowledge about it and if you are interested in the products yourself. You should also be aware that a majority of people fail in MLM marketing because they are not really aware about how the industry works and they simply sign up with any company that sounds profitable. Success cannot be achieved overnight with MLM opportunities and you will have to be ready to work hard and put in your time and effort. Only then would you be able to gain success with online multi level marketing opportunities.

Network Marketing Opportunities – Are They Legitimate?

Most people would get started with network marketing opportunities in a hurry if they knew for sure that they worked or were legitimate. Most people are conditioned to believe that anything outside a traditional job poses a great risk. Most people are fear driven and tend to stay away from anything that is slightly unknown. So there is absolutely no doubt that network marketing is considered a scam by many.

Some believe that they are scams and some believe that they are legitimate business opportunities. In order to get a better idea on this topic, we will take a look at the following:

What is a Scam?

A scam according to Wikipedia is a confidence trick or confidence game. In network marketing, the people who achieve success are the ones who have mastered ‘marketing, promotion and prospecting’. These are the skills necessary to become a successful Internet Marketer.

If you find a good network marketing opportunity, it will have a system that should explain clearly how money is made. If it is a reputable company, they will explain clearly what you will need to do in order to make money. This is an industry of marketing and promoting products. However, most people who get involved are not very good at marketing and promoting and usually quit if they do not see results quickly enough. The cheaper it is to get started with an opportunity, the more attrition that will be expected.

Scam topics are really a very high traffic area on the Internet. Some marketers know this and use it to there advantage. They use it as a cheap high traffic method to get visitors who are doing negative searches on the Net regarding opportunities of interest.

Let’s use Herbal Life as an example. Let’s say Alice reviewed a Herbal Life distributor opportunity presentation and decided that this may be for her. Then she jumps on the Net and does a search on Herbal Life but decides to add the word scam to the end to see what comes up. Now Bob who has been marketing for Magnitude Energy Drinks for a few years decides to capitalize on some negative ads for Herbal Life.

Bob is very good with SEO and writes an article on ‘Herbal Life’ but adds the word ‘Scam’ to the title. Now Alice finds the article and ends up passing up Herbal Life with the false belief that it may be a scam. She ends up reading Bob’s article and decides to visit his website. Did you see what happened here? Bob lured Alice into his sales funnel by using negative advertising tactics.

If you are strongly considering a network marketing opportunity as a means to earn extra income, give the opportunity a chance.

1. Use Common Sense
First of all, use your common sense and stay away from ads like ‘Make Ten Thousand dollars per day, Guaranteed’. If it sounds too good to be true, it always is. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not impossible to make $10,000 in one day with some opportunities, just not every single day.

2. Use Your Gut:
If you find something that excites you, give it a chance. Use your gut to help you make a decision. It will never steer you wrong. Don’t ask your friends or family for their opinion. Most likely if they are not involved with this industry, then they are not qualified to give you instructions.

If you are truly serious about finding good opportunity, take your time and find one that matches what you are looking for. Then take your time and learn the ropes of marketing and promotion. Finally, make a commitment to yourself that you will not quit. Most people make the mistake of quitting just before they get any results. Most people really do not even start in my opinion.